The Ireland and the Monarchy

Irish Perspectives Series

John Gibney

Third title in P&S’s new series ‘Irish Perspectives’, bridging the gap to bring Irish history to the British market, across a range of titles that are so deeply connected to British history as a whole.

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In the twenty-first century there are two jurisdictions on the island of Ireland, and two very different heads of state represent the populations of Ireland and Northern Ireland respectively: the elected presidency of the republic, and the hereditary monarchy of the United Kingdom. But the idea of monarchy, and the related notion of aristocracy, has a long heritage in Ireland. There was a native aristocracy long before the British conquest, and British monarchs were not the only monarchs to matter to Irish people. 


Now, in the third instalment of the collaboration between Pen and Sword and History Ireland magazine, a range of experts examine how the role played by monarchs and their monarchies from the middle ages up to the present has had a role in shaping Ireland and its peoples, exploring some unexpected highways and byways along the way. From the Vikings to the Jacobites, and from the high-kings of Irish mythology to Mrs Simpson, this volume looks at kings, queens, their followers and their opponents to cast light on Ireland’s history from an unexpected angle.


Format: Paperback / Softback

ISBN / EAN: 9781526757647

Published On: 13 January, 2020

Page Count: 152

Publisher: Pen & Sword Books

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